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Distracted Driving Video Contest 2018

Distracted driving is a major concern on our roadways in Wellington County. However, it is even more concerning with our youth population: 15-19% of all fatal crashes involving teen drivers are a result of distracted driving.  Safe Communities Wellington County is creating awareness about distracted driving. The focus is on youth sharing their own message about distracted driving with their peers and, as a result, the greater community. This is a unique opportunity for youth to creatively express their opinions, thoughts, and suggestions around distracted driving. The contest will run from February 1st – April 18, 2018. All youth 19 and under who live in Wellington County are welcome to participate in the contest. They will compete against youth from their municipality for a $75.00 prize,  and then an overall prize of $225.00 will be awarded to the Wellington County Overall Winner.

Video Contest Rules and Release Forms 2018

Video Contest Poster 2018

One video. One message. Countless lives saved.




"What Distracted Driving Means to Me" - Wellington County Distracted Driving Overall Winners 2017:



Wellington County Overall Winners

Megan Allison & Madeline May

Centre Wellington District High School

First Prize - Megan Allison & Madeline May
Second Prize - Teaghan Laitar & Layla Stork

Norwell District Secondary School

First Prize - Breanna MacDonald
Second Prize - Jennifer Gibson

Wellington Heights Secondary School

First Prize - Josey Rooney
Second Prize - Taija & McKenna McGovern

Congratulations to Megan Allison and Madeline May on your winning video.  Your video will build awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and how it effects everyone in our community. 


Updated January 25, 2018