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National Teen Driver Safety Week 2017

Texting behind the wheel is equivalent to driving blindfolded for almost five seconds. Safe Communities Wellington County and the Ontario Provincial Police Wellington County partnered with Parachute for National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW), which took place October 15 to October 21, 2017, running positive ticketing blitz's across all four Wellington County High Schools, creating positive behaviour changes to reduce injury rates among teens.

National Teen Driver Safety Week is an annual public awareness campaign and this year distracted driving is the primary focus; distracted driving is a factor in 1 in 5 of all fatal crashes involving teen drivers.  Imagine driving the length of three football fields at a speed of 50 km/hr while not paying attention. It would last about 27 seconds, which is how long mental distraction can linger after using voice commands on a hands free device. Safe Communities Wellington County and Parachute are calling on all teens to #GetHomeSafe.

“Young people make up just 12 per cent of licensed drivers but account for about 20 per cent of all road-related injuries and deaths,” says Gregg Davidson, Co-Chair, Safe Communities Wellington County, “Through NTDSW and community initiatives like Positive Ticketing Blitz’s across all Wellington County High Schools, we are working to raise awareness about the devastating effects of distracted driving while encouraging young drivers to stay focused on the road.”

Updated January 25, 2018