Rolling into its fifth year as a designated Safe Community, Wellington County is focusing on setting its priorities to remain one of the safest places in Canada in which to live, learn, work and thrive.

Please take our online survey.

Safe Communities Wellington County (SCWC), under the guidance of Parachute Canada and The County of Wellington, made its’ mission to make “Our” County the safest and healthiest place in which to live, learn, work and thrive since being designated in 2013.


Community involvement is vital to the success of Safe Communities Wellington County.  To continue to address accidents and injuries within Wellington County, we need your help.  We are asking the public to participate in a small survey to determine the areas of greatest safety concern to the residents of Wellington County.  Alternatively, please visit Safe Communities Wellington County website for an electronic link to complete your survey on-line.  Residents who complete the survey will have an opportunity to win a $50.00 grocery gift card.


Data pulled from Emergency room visits, hospital stays, along with a community survey and a 2012 priority setting exercise, helped Safe Communities Wellington County determine the initial injury categories.  Motor Vehicle Collisions, Falls, and Intentional Self-Harm are the current priorities for SCWC.  Have your say, and help Wellington County remain one of Canada’s safest places in which to live, learn, work and thrive by doing the survey.  The survey can also be done verbally by contacting Program Co-ordinator Christine Veit at 226-820-1413.  

We are always looking for passionate individuals or organizations that are interested in partnering or participating with Safe Communities Wellington County! Please contact Program Co-ordinator Christine Veit at safecwc@gmail.com for more information. Follow SCWC on Twitter @safecwc and on Facebook.

Updated September 22, 2017